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ESD Workbench  - ESD Workbench are made upon the request of customers with multiple sizes to suit each stage of production in the factory.
Wrict Strap - To provide a comfortable and safe way to drain static-electricity from personnel thus preventing damage to ESD sensitive devices.
ESD Garment  - ESD Garment are made upon the request of customers with multiple sizes - color - style to suit each stage of production in the factory.
Fluid Dispensers - For accurate and repeatable dispensing of epoxy, glue, grease, solder paste through a syringe and needle.
Continuous Monitoring System - Designed to constantly detect the connectivity of wrist strap and alarm when it loses the connectivity.
Heel Strap Grounders - To provide the mobile personnel with an effective means of charge dissipation in ESD sensitive areas.


  Microscopes, LED ring lights and loupes
  Circuit repair & cleaning products
Chemicals, Swabs and applicators,
Wipers, Solder Masks, Solder wicks
CONVENTRY   Cleaning applicators
  Non-contact precision scanner
  Electric screw drivers
  Humidity control cabinets, Hygrometers, Heating ovens
  Temperature profilers
  ESD chairs, Static shielding, Anti-static bags and continuous monitoring systems
  Soldering / De-Soldering Station and tips
  Rework systems
  X-ray systems
  Micro-metalizing pen
  Wire stripper, meters and tools
  Desktop Robot
  Magnifying lamps, Task lights
  Industrial heat guns, Blow torches, cordless Soldering iron
  Sticky Mats, ESD mats, Grounding cables, ESD shoes and slippers
  Immersion Heaters, Water Heaters, Coils and Heat exchangers
  Screw feeders
  Static control equipment and materials
TECHCO   Fluid dispensers and Solvent dispensers

Cutters, pliers and air nippers


Soldering, De-soldering & Rework stations


Fume extraction systems for Laser, Soldering, etc.

  Precision cutters